Design/Build – A Simpler Way to Build

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Are you considering building or renovating your home and don’t know where to begin? The traditional process of selecting a separate architect, builder and designer can seem daunting. Our homeowners are relieved to learn that there is a simpler way. A Design/Build company transforms the relationship with the homeowner into a collaborative and streamlined process that improves communication, increases quality, saves time and lowers costs.

Singular Responsibility

Your Design/Build partner is accountable for all aspects of the project, including the quality, aesthetics, cost and schedule. While you outline the functionality, style and budget requirements, the responsibility for implementing and tracking these rests with the Design/Build firm. Rather than spending time coordinating a collection of third parties, you have the freedom to focus on defining your needs and making selections.

Lower Costs

Design/Build firms are experts in both architectural design and construction. Their strong knowledge of building science allows your design to be engineered for value and efficiency from the very start. Construction processes and structural integrity benefit from forethought during the design process. Alternate materials and approaches can be considered quickly without a series of back-and-forth negotiations between the architect, builder and designer.


There should be no mystery when it comes to the budget for your home project. A clear, itemized budget that is based on real quotes and selections allows you to know what your project will cost, along with what it will look like and how it will function, before the first shovel hits the dirt. Your most valuable building partner will be the one that informs you of what you need to hear, not simply what you want to hear.

Saves Time

Upon completion of the design plans for your home, your Design/Build partner will have already built your project in their mind many times over. It will not be necessary to convey your goals and desires to additional parties, with the hope they understand and can deliver. The seamless integration of design and construction means your responsibility for negotiating miscommunications, incorrect orders and accountability gaps disappears.

From concept to completion, your Design/Build partner facilitates all aspects of your project, keeps you informed and ensures that the quality, style and budget stay on point.

Bailey & Weiler Design/Build specializes in the design, construction and renovation of custom homes. Learn about their integrated design and construction process, and gather new ideas, by visiting their website at Arrange your personal consultation by calling Craig Bailey and Don Weiler at (812) 330-1169.

Bailey & Weiler Rago Home 6.09.2014
Your Design/Build company combines expertise in both architectural design and construction into a single point of accountability for your entire project. Your goals, style and budget are integrated into a clear plan that delivers increased value and transparency. [PHOTO: Bailey & Weiler Design/Build]


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