1How is a “design/build” company different from a regular home builder?
Working with a design/build firm means that you have one construction partner that delivers all of your design and construction services – as opposed to separately hiring architects, builders, and designers from different companies. The advantage of the design/build process is that you have one team with one goal – to ensure that your construction project meets your needs, achieves your goals and completes within budget. One entity is accountable for all aspects of your project – from concept through completion.
2What if we already have plans or are working with a designer?
Many of our homeowners have existing relationships with trusted design partners. We fully respect your established relationships and look forward to teaming up with other creative professionals.
3Do you only build new homes?
We are a full-scope contractor that can deliver any construction project no matter the size. In addition to new homes, we have the resources and flexibility to complete residential projects ranging from kitchens, bathrooms and basement renovations to home additions, pool houses and outdoor living spaces. We also have significant experience designing, building and renovating commericial structures and professional office spaces. If a different company makes more sense for your project, we will let you know and help you make connections. In the end, our goal is ensure you get things done as simply and economically as possible.
4How long does it take to build a new home?
A normal custom home build takes about 7-9 months. Weather is the most significant factor. However, your construction schedule is easier to predict once the foundation is in place and the home is under roof since progress becomes much less dependent on weather.
5I hear you are expensive. Why is that?
One of our specialties is the design and construction of projects with a high level of detail and customization. These projects yield stunning results that many people perceive to be expensive. The reality is that contractors are charged similar prices for materials and labor. Given an equal scope of work and level of quality, our budgets are right in line with reputable local builders.
6What is the best time of year to start building?
The best time to start building is when the ground is dry and not frozen. In Indiana, this scenario can happen almost any month in the calendar year.
7How often do you bill?
Larger projects are billed on a monthly basis.
8How do you develop a budget for my project?
Significant effort is spent to gather pricing that accurately reflects the true cost of your design, style and selections. We schedule detailed plans reviews and site visits with our crews, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure the scope of work you have communicated is accurately represented in the budget.