Making Your House Feel Like Home

With the booming housing market and low inventory, oftentimes your only option is to buy a home that needs some updating or floorplan changes to meet your family’s needs. Or perhaps you’ve lived in your home for some time and feel it’s time to make some updates. We can help! With decades of building experience under our belt, we will marry style, comfort and budget to create the look you’ve always dreamed of with our remodel and renovation services.

Renovation Realities

Are you ready to get started on your renovation, but nervous about construction horror stories? The solution is to select a trusted building partner and allow sufficient time to develop a solid plan before work begins.

Establish A Budget

When designing your new home or renovation, it is tempting to include every element of your ultimate Dream Home just to “see what it will cost.” This approach generally puts you in the unfortunate position of removing elements that are now firmly entrenched in your mind’s eye. Alternatively, establish a realistic budget early, and communicate it to your building partner. This allows the development of layouts and specifications that accomplish your goals without breaking the bank.

Aging In Your Home

As homeowners grow older, most prefer to stay in the comfort of their current home. Modifications such as widening doorways, installing blocking for grab bars and eliminating steps prepare for the day when mobility has lessened. Smart appliance placement and the installation of additional lighting are factors to be considered when renovating spaces with an eye to the future.

Upgrade For Impact

Selectively upgrading fixtures and hardware is more economical than upgrading across the board. The majority of your time – whether entertaining or at home alone – will be spent in a subset of rooms. Upgrading a few key lights, plumbing fixtures or cabinets in these areas will raise the perceived value of your entire home.